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Elkin's Main Street Advisory Board is passionate about Downtown!


(right) Teresa Ray, owner of Harry's Place Restaurant & Bar  in downtown Elkin, is the current Chair of the Main Street Advisory Board.

She has served since 2009 in this position.

About Us

If you are interested in downtown Elkin, North Carolina  – we are glad you are visiting our site. This is our online meeting place, where we organize our activities, share ideas, and publicize our mission. 

Our Main Street Advisory Board (MSAB) committee is comprised of 8 board members and representatives (ex-officios) from the Town of Elkin (Main Street & Community Manager), the Yadkin Valley Chamber of Commerce (President) and Downtown Elkin, Inc  (President). Our board members serve a 3 year term, but these terms can also be extended. All members must apply for the position, and once chosen, must be approved by the Elkin Board of Commissioners before serving on the board.  

Anyone who has a passion for downtown Elkin can apply for a seat on the board once there is availability. You are expected to attend monthly meetings, volunteer for committees, and be an active contributor to our projects. We take our work seriously but enjoy the mission.  

If a position is not available, we gladly welcome volunteers and community members to attend our meetings and contribute ideas, so join us if you can each month. 

Contact us here.

Our Work

We work together to make downtown Elkin interesting, vital, creative, aesthetically pleasing, and a place our community can enjoy. The funds we use to reinvest in the downtown are from the Municipal Service District tax fund. We use these funds to give vitality back to the downtown in many ways, such as banners, landscaping, facade and mural grants, and funding events along Main Street. 

(right)  An example of results from a facade grant awarded to a local building owner who wanted a new and exciting facade make-over. Our MSAB usually offers a 50/50 matching grant (up to $1000) for downtown merchants or building owners.  These are offered each Spring, and the focus for improvements can change each year. In the past they have been for back alley wall improvements, murals, or front facades.

ANNOUNCEMENT:  RFP for Broadband in Downtown Elkin 

 If interested in presenting a bid for broadband service in downtown Elkin, please read below:

Downtown Elkin Broadband Project Details

 FUNDING:  Jointly funded by an A.R.C. grant and the Town of Elkin

Grant awarded to:  Yadkin Valley Chamber of Commerce, President Myra Cook

Grant Project Coordinator and Administrator: Laura Gaylord, Main Street & Community Manager, 336-794-6469, communitymanager@elkinnc.org (PO BOX 857, Elkin NC 28621)

Grant amount for $14,285 total budget are as follows:

$10,000 ARC grant for all equipment (federal funding)

$4,285 Main Street Advisory Board for labor/service fees (using town MSD funding)



Broadband coverage along east/westbound downtown Elkin streets (B1 district), pointing coverage towards front interiors of downtown buildings.

Goal is to provide broadband coverage in downtown Elkin allowing:

1)      limited service within retail/service locations so downtown customers do not need to leave the stores/restaurants in order to get access;

2)      shop owners to remain within stores to gain access during periods they have customers (for security reasons);

3)      access for hikers of the MST on Main Street, and paddlers on the Yadkin River entering Elkin via the Crater Park boat ramp;

4)      better coverage during festivals/cruise ins in downtown for tourism;

5)      access for tourism purposes first and foremost with options for businesses to improve their own coverage.


1)      Main Street from intersection of Market & E Main St towards Front St & W Main St. (library currently offers WiFi)

2)      Portions of Market St if possible (Farmers Market is already covered)

3)      Crater Park (E Standard Street) towards the Yadkin River boat ramp.

Equipment: Base stations with repeaters, or we are open to suggestions that will provide the best service in downtown for the budget involved.  Proposals chosen will offer the best coverage within budget.

Service:  Some degree of service must be accessible for all business locations along Main Street.  Broadband quality, cost, coverage features, installation date and time duration of installation will all be considered in the final decision.

Terrain: River basin with low-lying property (Crater Park) along the Yadkin River; higher sections of downtown on ascending levels (Main Street up and out of flood plain one block from Crater Park; Market Street at highest level one block up from Main Street).

Buildings:  Are historical in nature (some with walls that are 4 bricks thick) which can provide signal issues when inside the shops.

Public Utility:  Duke Energy is the company providing light poles and traffic lights in Elkin’s downtown.  The light poles have a one-plug outlet, which the Town uses for wreathes from mid-November to mid-January. These poles are not metered.  Traffic light poles are metered, and are located on 5 intersections in downtown. However, there are no traffic lights east of the main North/South intersecting road, which is Bridge Street.

Surry County: Elkin is located in Surry County, which is an at-risk, Tier 1 County.


Questions regarding project/RFP to Laura Gaylord by April 25th, 2016.. 

Deadline for proposals in to Laura Gaylord by May 6th may be sent electronically, by mail, or in person.

Award announced on or around May 20th.

Project to begin on or before July 1, 2016.


Selection criteria will be based on quality of broadband, coverage area provided within budget, and costs for service after installation, and approval of ARC Project Coordinator. 

FOR A PDF of this Broadband Project, click here

Join Us

Our MSAB meetings are open to the public and are scheduled on the 3rd Tuesday of every month.  Meetings are at the Yadkin Valley Chamber of Commerce (116 E Market Street, in Elkin) at 9:00am.  Please join us if you are interested in contributing to or learning more about our plans for downtown Elkin.  Applications for any Elkin board can be found at Town of Elkin website. Click here.

Elkin is a member of the MainStreet North Carolina program and the downtown and adjoining residential neighborhood are registered as historical districts.

This website is sponsored by the Main Street Advisory Board, and is managed by the Town of Elkin's Main Street & Community Manager.

For further information about Elkin, visit whatsupinElkinNC.com and visittheyadkinvalley.com