Grants for buildings in the MSD

Main Street America Program funds

NC MAIN STREET CENTER Funding - Because Elkin is a member of the Main Street America program (in North Carolina, the program is through the NC Main Street Center), there are a few grants that are available to building owners in Elkin's downtown Municipal Service District: 

Main Street Solutions Fund

Businesses that are planning to open in our MSD, and renovate a historic building in the process for their new location, can apply for a Main Street Solutions Fund.  This fund is attached to job creation and offers the investor $25,000 for each full-time job that will be created once the renovation is completed, and the business is ready to open. This is monitored over a period of time.   

Current available funds are estimated at $300,000, and once these funds have been allocated to projects, this fund will no longer be available. Currently, the Reeves Theater is a recipient of this fund. 

Availability to apply to this fund will be approximately in Spring 2018. 

Main Street Advisory Board grant
Being in the downtown within the Municipal Tax District (MSD) has some wonderful benefits.  Although this is a small tax collected from the building owners in the district each year, the funds are reinvested to make improvements that benefit the downtown. One of these investments is the facade grant program:

Facade Grants

If you are interested in updating the facade of your building, you may apply for a facade grant through the Main Street Advisory Board.  Each year, they offer a matching grant for beautification of buildings, to include painting, repairing rotted window sills, general repair work, addition of awnings, etc.  

If you need a design or color recommendation for your building, the Main Street Program offers a free design service as well. 

For 2017/2018 fiscal year, the Board is offering numerous grants:

3 - $1000 matching grants  
2 - $500 matching grants
1 - $1000 matching grant for either a downtown mural or if no applications come in for a mural, the grant can be a facade grant instead.

The Board will match 50/50 up to that amount in restoration work or improvements to your building. Restorations to historic buildings must comply with historic preservation standards.  Applications must be submitted no later than April 2018 and projects must be completed to the MSAB's satisfaction and reimbursement paperwork submitted by June 1, 2018.

If you are interested in any of these grants, please contact Laura Gaylord, Main Street & Community Manager at 336-794-6469, email 

Or, download the form below for a Facade Grant Application:

Download the application for the facade grants here:
Town of Elkin microloan funding for small businesses
The Town of Elkin is working together with the NC Rural Center to offer microloans to small businesses located in Elkin. The program is called Energizing Elkin Entrepreneurs (also known as "E3")  The first round is specifically focused on downtown businesses, however if you are a business in Elkin outside of the downtown area, please let us know if you are interested by contacting the Town of Elkin Economic Department:

Leslie Schlender (Economic Development Director) at 336-794-6468 
Laura Gaylord (Main Street and Community Manager) at 336-794-6469 

The program is now in effect.  Most loans offered by banks may have a minimum requirement that is more than you need.  If you are looking for smaller loan amounts, then this program will be a good match for your business marketing needs, expansion, inventory, etc.