Main Street Advisory Board Newsletter

Updates from the Main Street & Community Manager

The MSAB and MSCM projects July - September 2016:

A.   MSAB paid for the replacement brick installation around the 6 light poles Duke Energy replaced in 2015.  We are awaiting the replacement of 5-8 more light poles for 2016.  

B.  Wayfinding “Parking” directional signs were installed on Main Street and at all downtown public parking lots. The large wayfinding sign on S Bridge was landscaped with flowers around the back side of the pole installation.

C.  Main Street Manager is working on obtaining liability insurance quotes requested by the Railroad for our parking lot improvement project behind Southern on Main.  She is checking with a local insurer and also with the RR to see if they offer any type of insurance rider,  or ask the RR if the contractor who will pave/install parking island, can obtain the insurance instead -once we begin the project.   

D.  Main Street Manager placed notices on vehicles with no or expired tags in the public lot behind Southern on Main, where 8 abandoned vehicles sat for months, which prompted owners to move vehicles out of the area. The downtown maintenance man was then able to clean up the garbage and debris left behind and removed the weeds and high grasses in and around the parking lot. We were able to do this because our current lease with the RR states that all ordinances from the Town apply to the land we lease from the RR.

E.  Main Street Manager is working with Robert Fuller to improve the poor condition at the base of Court Street.  Public Works filled in the pothole at the base to cover the pot holes and make it safer for ADA/wheelchair access. Then we will paint a crosswalk (ADA accessible) across Court St, and across Main St at the base of Court Street, as there are no pedestrian crosswalks across Main Street east of Bridge Street.

F.   MSAB funded the updating and reprinting of downtown Elkin Restaurant Maps which were handed out to local wineries and hotels, and retail shops in the area.  

G.  MSAB decided on parameters for this year’s Façade grants and will be offering:  2 - $1000 and 2 - $500  50/50 matching grants for building owners in the MSD.

H.   Main Street Manager applied for a grant to provide free electric car chargers for Elkin by Duke Energy at 3 locations (Town Hall, Smith Philips, and Elkin Rec and Parks Center). We could not ask for one at the Fairfield Inn (as requested by Commissioners) as this grant is only for municipality locations in the first round. Waiting on decision.

I.    The installation of WiFi in downtown was completed on Sept 19th by Surry Telephone and we are working on the final grant paperwork to be submitted the Appalachian Regional Council.