Elkin Main Street Advisory Board

Rock Facade Project (before): 

Photo up close of the front of the "Rock Facade". Shingles were placed over the area where a transom window was, along with a wood barrier for safety (which had been painted  with a mural of seeds spouting years ago, but has now been transformed into our MAKE A WISH board....images are blowing on a dandelion to make a wish for what you'd like to see behind the facade... ).  

Rock Facade project (current status):  

We have some EXCITING news to share from the Town Meeting in November of 2015!

First and foremost, the commissioners voted to proceed with stabilizing the facade! Our Main Street streetscape is preserved!

Secondly, A phase two project buildout has been approved as well! It is a "linear park" idea which includes bottom level storage, a main level park space with 2 public restrooms (which are heated in winter), space for a kids' playground and lots of seating, colorful shade canopies, and even a terrace level seating area. The design was created with potential future use or portability in mind (should a private developer come in the future).

This idea preserves our historic facade, gives our community a place to enjoy and take pride in, brings key needs to our downtown (public restrooms!) and is an inspiring investment for our town's future!

Much gratitude goes out to everyone who offered their thoughts, ideas, and support for the Rock Facade throughout this year. And thank you to Garanco and ADA for their presentation last night and to the commissioners for approving this idea!

--Jennifer White (Vice Chair, Main Street Advisory Board)